Iron Chef III: Battle Plum

We have started a small tradition by having our own Iron Chef. This time our secret ingredient was plum. Husband and I made three dishes each which included a main dish, an appetizer or side and a dessert.

My dishes:
Crepes with Plum Compote
I decided to go with crepes this time since it could be an appetizer but more so because I love breakfast and we never get a lot of breakfast foods. The Plum Compote was definitely my favorite dish.

Chicken with Plum Sauce
I was really excited about this recipe because I made my plum sauce using real plums instead of canned or preservers and it turned out amazing.

Plum Crisp
I have never made crisp before but for some reason I really enjoyed incorporating rolled oats into my baked goods. For my first try it turned out great. In the recipe it called for quick cooking tapioca but since it was so expensive I substituted cornstarch but for only half the amount (i.e 1 tsp quick cooking tapioca = 1/2 tsp cornstarch) and it turned out fine.

Huband’s dishes
Plum Guacamole
This may sound weird at first but it turned out great. It was basically a fruit guacamole and used plums as his fruit. It had a nice touch of plum to where you could taste it but it wasn’t over powering.

Coconut Plum Rice with Chili Garlic Chicken
This recipe was amazing. I am obsessed with the combination of sweet and spicy and this dish was the perfect balance.

Plum Trifle
Speaking of more amazing things! This dish was layered with cheesecake, angle food cake, plum syrup, fresh fruit and then to top it of homemade whip with a touch a plum. Best dessert ever!


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