Smokies Part II

So we got back from Charleston on Sunday and the next morning we headed back to the Smokies for more hiking. This trip we got to go to Cades Cove and for the first time I saw a black bear in the Smokies. He was really close to the road but he didn’t seem to mind the crowd of people taking pictures. A few mintues later we saw another bear with cub (super adorable!) he was much further away though. We went to a small town called Townsend to find something to eat which in the South can be quite a task considering I don’t eat fish which includes catfish. Finally Husband spotted a BBQ place. Another great find! We both got a BBQ sandwich of course that was great (mine mild his sweet and spicy) along with baked beans and sweet potato fries. I have never had sweet potato fries before but they were good. Did you know they put cinnamon and sugar on sweet potato fries? It still worked. We ended our week with 20 miles of hiking (woot) and last day after being worn out drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Cherokee, NC to Asheville. On the way we stopped at Water Rock Knob and did a so called 0.5 mile strenuous hike but it payed off because at the top of the mountain we saw another bear (grand total 3.5). We also did another small hike up Devil’s Backbone that had great views. All in all it was a good trip.


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