Plan B

Day 1This has already been an amazing month in the Smokies. We were going to go back and do some more hiking but it decided to rain (a lot) and since out tent has been leaking we decided to wait until it wasn’t pouring down rain to go camping again. Plan B: The Blue Ridge Parkway. It was awesome. We already did part of the parkway (from Cherokee, NC to Asheville, NC) so we picked up where we left off at the Folk Arts Center in Asheville. Are first stop was at a scenic overlook at Craggy Gardens. Sadly it was so foggy we didn’t have much of a view but the fog looked pretty cool on the parkway. Then we did a small 1 mile hike to some falls. We stopped at a small orchard but it was closed because it was only open on the weekends. My favorite park of the parkway was the Linn Cove Viaduct. This was the last region of the parkway that was finished. We drove into a small town called Blowing Rock in North Carolina. It was an adorable little town but we did get to stay long because we wanted to get to the Trading Post on the Blue Ridge before it closed. I would like to go back sometime to Blowing Rock. We made it to the Trading Post and I was ready to go in and look around. Without thinking I opened the door and an alarm started going off. There wasn’t a closed sign but there was one car in the parking lot and the lights were off.  I guess they were closed :). Since it was after 6:00 (which is when most things close one the parkway) we took the interstate and headed to Roanoke, VA where we were staying for the night.
Day 2
The next morning we left and keep heading north on the parkway. We did drive to Roanoke Mt  (in the fog so there were no views). We did find a small hike to a rock formation that we fun or at least Husband had fun climbing the rocks. Finally we made it to the end of the Blue Ridge but now it was time to backtrack. We went back to Roanoke and stayed the night and picked up the Parkway there.
Day 3
After we left Roanoke our first stop was Mabry Mill. We got to eat at the restaurant there which was amazing. We had Spiced Apples and a trio of pancakes which included buckwheat, cornmeal and sweet potato with Moonshine Butter. We also had a sample of their Cherry Jam. Next we took a small detour to Mt Airy, NC which is where Andy Griffith is from. It was super cute and we had a root beer float at the soda shop in town.  On a whim we decided to go to Charlotte, NC because it was they had the closest theater that was playing Sucker Punch. Since it was a cheap cinema we first saw Battle L.A which was better than expected and then we saw Sucker Punch which was fantastic. We ended the night back in Anderson.

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