Greek and Scottish Food

My mom, Brother, Husband and I  went to the Greek Festival Friday morning. I enjoyed Lamb Gyros and Spanokopita. We left with Baklava Ice Cream, Greek Donuts and an assortment of Greek Pastries.

That evening we drove to the Smoky Mts, my family included,  and camped at Cades Cove. The next morning we went into Townsend, TN to the small shops. After that we drove the Cades Cove loop and stopped at some of the homesteads. That afternoon we went to the Old Mill area in Pigeon Forge. We were going to have dinner at the Old Mill Restaurant but I would advise you to go eat their during lunch not dinner. The plates were twice as expensive even though the menu was the same. We decided to not eat there. We did go to the shops in the Old Mill area and then headed back to Townsend where we went to our BBQ place.

Sunday morning went back to the Cades Cove loop. We saw a lot of deer on Saturday but no bear. We weren’t on the loop very long when we saw a bear and cub. We went around the loop and then saw another bear that we chased through the woods. As we were leaving we saw another large bear in a field. Later we realized that her three cubs were in a tree nearby. We had lunch at Timbers (pancakes yay!) in Townsend. Then we parted ways. My family went to Clingman’s Dome and then headed back to Anderson. 

We went to the Scottish Festival in Maryville, TN. First we looked around at the booths. We saw some of the games and then there was a small dog competition and dog show. We met a Welsh Terrier named Will. He was really cute and just convinced me a little more that we need an Airedale. They also had some bands, we enjoyed Mother Grove the best. We left with more goodies which included a Sausage Roll, a Birdie, two bags of Scones and two bags of Welsh Cookies from the Welsh Cookie Man. Oh I almost forgot we tried Haggis for the first time. If you don’t know what that is don’t ask. That night we stayed in the Smokies at Elkmont to get in our last stretch of hiking.


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