Something Blue

We made it to Las Cruces and have been going non-stop since we got in to get ready for Aletheia wedding. We left Lubbock at 1:00 in the afternoon and got into El Paso around 8:00. A week ago I requested that we go to Taco Cabana (since most of them are in TX) so that Husband and I could get their homemade flour tortillas. If you have never had there tortillas it is a must. Thursday morning was spent running errands and then that afternoon was the bridal shower and bachelorette party.
We spent all of Friday at the church getting the food ready and decorating. That evening was the rehearsal. I was privileged to be a bridesmaid in the wedding (the first weeding I have been in actually). Her matron of honor was Shiloh and the other bridesmaids were Krista, Kara and Ryan’s sisters. We enjoyed an amazing diner at Si Seniors and I got a real sopapilla!
Saturday was the wedding. That morning I was on breakfast duty while some of the girls were getting their hair done. Then we headed to the church at 11am. We thought we would be sitting at the church with nothing to do but again we didn’t stop, considering we had to set up the food and finish a few things here and there. I finally asked Husband what time is was and it was 1:00. I was supposed to be ready for bridesmaid pictures at 1:30 and did not have my dress on or hair ready. I made it though.
Aletheia was gorgeous! Look at her dress. The top had white flowers (which also matched her ear rings). Then the dress was fitted at the bodice and then flowed out at the bottom. 

The wedding was really nice until the end with Jae told Ryan “You may kiss my Bride.” LOL! He finally got it right and luckily but we were laughing pretty hard which you can see by Shiloh’s reaction.
After pictures, the reception, clean up and dropping stuff at Aletheia and Ryan’s apartment we finally made it back to the RV, where Husband and I are staying with Jackie. We are all exhausted.

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