I met a new friend today :)

Heron Lake has been nice (at first) and the lake is gorgeous. I can actually see my feet in the water which is a plus. We did a hike at Heron Lake called the Rio Chama trail. The trail is 11 miles round trip but when we made it to the other end of the trail we were exhausted because it was so hot outside. Luckily Jackie was with us and we got a boat ride across the lake from this nice man named Nelson and his wife Patsy. Once across the lake Larry drove a mile down from our camp site and picked us up.

This morning Sean and I kayaked out to an island in the middle of lake Heron. On the way back the wind picked up so we had some nice little waves to kayak over. When we made it back to shore we were informed that Taiga swallowed a fish hook and needed to be taken to the vet in Pagosa Springs, CO. We took her to the vet and found out she swallowed a fish bone but that she would be fine, no surgery necessary. Since we were in town we decided to spend some time there. We went to a little pizza place that had rude service but great pizza. While at the pizza place Sean spotted an Airedale Terrier across the street. Sean and I have been looking at dogs for quite a while and the Airedale has been at the top of the list. We decided that we could not pass up the chance to meet the puppy so went to find it. We got across the street and the Airedale came back around the corner. She was super adorable and really tired because she had been hiking all day but amazing and it defiantly sold me on getting an Airedale. We also went to the Choke Cherry Tree. It was a cute little store the sold specialty foods. We even got to try a few samples. I wish I could have gotten one of everything but Jackie picked up some Choke Cherry Vinaigrette and Black Current Jam. I also found out the Jackie already had the Orange Cranberry Pecan Honey butter that I was in the store. You should check it out!  

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