Elevation: 14,015

Our next stop was Colorado Springs, CO. We got in Saturday afternoon and then did laundry. On Sunday we rode the cog rail up to Pike’s Peak. Before we got on, we perused the gift shop and I found the cutest polar beanie. I should have gotten but maybe I will make it back to Manitoba Springs (the town was adorable so it is defiantly on my list). When we were on the cog rail I was super excited because I was a black bear walking around outside in the forest next to the track. It was nice to see some wildlife. Our conductor was awesome. His name was Riley. He actually had some really good jokes to entertain us on the ride up. I wish I could retell the jokes and do it justice but I can’t. Anyways…we finally made it to the top of Pike’s Peak (elev. 14,015) and It was cold. They did have really good donut in the visitor’s center at the top of Pike’s Peak. On the way back down we got off the train at Mountain View (elevation 10,012) and hiked down Pike’s Peak. The first part of the hike was really nice. We hiked through a forest and then we found some boulders that Sean and I could scramble up to see a nice view of the area as well as Pike’s Peak. The hike down was suppose to be 5 miles but after we hiked about a mile to get to the trail there was a sign that said it was 6.8 miles to the end of the trail. We made it but it was a long hike. There was no shade the last two miles and by 2:00 in the afternoon it was starting to get really hot. We did finally made it but we were pretty tired. After the hike we celebrated at Rudy’s with Shiloh and Addie, since they came to visit us from Denver, and we also had Blue Bell ice cream. That evening we enjoyed the rock formation at Garden of the Gods. Sadly scrambling was not allowed. Tomorrow we head for South Dakota.


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