Welcome to the Badlands…and Waldrug

Wednesday June 29
We got into South Dakota Tuesday evening and stayed at a campground in Rapid City, SD. There we did laundry, our grocery shopping and got a nice long shower. After that we headed to the Badlands. Sean has been talking about visiting the Badlands for the last two years so he was in heaven when we decided to stay out there for a week. While there we did a couple of trails. The first ones were small and  the other was 6 miles through meadow area with the Badlands to the side of us. Before we left we also did a hike through the Sage Creek Wilderness area. We saw quite a few animals including prairie dogs, antelope, buffalo and big horn sheep. Our last hike was over one of the higher points of the Badlands called the Wall. It was strenuous but a lot of fun. We even found a small cave off the trail which eventually connected back to the main trail. Over all I enjoyed it. It was really hot though so I would stay away from the Badland from the end of June to end of August.

We had a lot of fun staying in the campground in the Badlands. We meet our neighbors, Al and Joann, who were from Georgia. They had a set of 5 year old triplets, a golden retriever and a miniature schnauzer.
While we were there we had a couple of thunderstorms. The first one wasn’t that bad just a lot of rain. The best thing is everything in the Badlands is made of sediment and dirt (which you would not believe when you see the pictures) and so when you add rain to the mix the buttes melt away (every year they really do lose 1 inch of soil). Anyways, we were enjoying the clouds before the storm but while out it started hailing. Not tiny drops of hail but large hail at least the size of golf balls. The hood of the truck was dented but the luckily the RV was fine.
We took a day off and went to Wall, SD. If you ever go to South Dakota you must go to Wall Drug. It started as a small pharmacy but now it has grown into a complex with everything you could think of. It is a pretty entertaining place. I would also highly recommend the donuts there. Our our next stop is the Black Hills.

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