We had a lot of fun in the Black Hills. As usually we enjoyed hiking. Smaller hikes included Little Devil’s Tower (which had some amazing scrambles) and Cathedral Spires.  We also did Harney Peak which is the highest peak east of the Rockies. The hike was 6 miles round trip. Taiga (Jackie and Larry’s dachshund) even joined us on the hike. No one could believe she made is up the mountain with her short legs but the truth is she loves it and even enjoys scrambling up the rocks with us. The peak was awesome. There is an old fire tower there which you are allowed to go in and explore. We also met quite a few puppies on the peak. A got to meet a Bernie for the first time and we saw a Great Dane the scaled a steep rock. I can’t wait till I have a puppy to take hiking.
We also went to Mt Rushmore. It is actually a little smaller than I imagined but it was worth since we got to see Teddy Roosevelt (Sean and I love T.R. since he was the one who established the National Parks we have today). 

Then we went to Devils Tower in Wyoming. It is a very unique land form. It is a large rock the is jutting up from the ground and it is pretty large. It is 1,200 ft high and the flat top of the monument is about an acre and a half. There are different speculations of how it was formed. The one that seemed reasonable to us is that it is the center of a volcano. If you are interested you can climb the tower if you have the appropriate gear. We saw three different groups climbing it while we were there.
We stayed at Sheridan Lake campground and enjoyed sometime with the new neighbors. One night we were invited to a fire with three other couples that were nearby neighbors. One of the couples we met were Richard and Maryann from California. We really enjoyed getting to know them.
The other thing we did was enjoy the small towns around the Black Hills. We spent a day in Hill City. The highlights of Hill City were the wineries and the quilt shop. We went to three different wineries but I would recommend Prairie Berry Winery. You could taste up to five different wines and they were all spectacular. The quilt shop was next door. It was amazing! They had two large rooms full of cotton fabrics. One thing that was unique were the different oriental prints. Normally you can’t find oriental prints in cotton fabrics. Jackie agreed to teach me how to quilt so we got a couple of fabrics and to make a quilted oriental purse. I am super excited. We also went to the Old County Fair in Custer, SD. It was a lot of fun and there was an 11 year old girl named Hanna that was selling her artwork to help support nearby wildlife sanctuary. Her work was of the large cats that live at the sanctuary. I bought a couple of her note cards and sent one to my sister.  My other find in Custer was at the Dakotamart. I bought French Vanilla Tea which was defiantly worth it!
We are on our way to Yellow Stone. We should be in Cody, WY by Thursday!
At Harney Peak

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