A Nite in Cody

We made it to Cody yesterday afternoon. On our way we stopped in Buffalo, WY and did our usual house keeping (laundry and grocery store). We got to the RV park and it is completely full except for a small space that Larry really had to finagle his way into. That evening we took a drive to through the National Forest nearby and looked at their campgrounds which is where we are planning to move in the morning. We even made it about 1/4 of a mile into Yellowstone. I am so excited about Yellowstone. I have been wanting to come here since we learned about it in elementary school. This morning we spent our time visiting the shops in Cody. Cody is an adorable little town of course what they are known for is their rodeo. Every where in town there are signs that say Cody Rodeo: Tonite because they have a rodeo every night from June to August. We started at a discount outdoors store where everything was still too expensive and then went to a quilt shop.

I have been getting a little antsy because the only art supplies I brought with me is a sketch book, pens, pencil, and markers. I have really wanted to start on a few watercolors but of course do not have my supplies. Instead Jackie has been teaching me how to quilt. She actually made us an amazing quilt as a wedding gift. I figured it would be nice to learn. I started with a quilt that she never finished but the quilt was not measured right which is when she offered to teach me from scratch (hence the oriental fabric). I think it will be a lot of fun because she does everything by hand and I hope to be able to add some of the elements into my artwork eventually. Anyways, the quilt shop was awesome. They had a lot of neat prints and patterns. I was able to get a better idea of how I want to finish my purse.

While we were there we found Beatrix Potter fabric. Now Sean and I have had a small disagreement. He is insistent that we have a Beatrix Potter baby and I think we should have a Winnie the Pooh baby (meaning how they and their room are decorated, I should just have twins and then it will be settled). I have some Winnie the Pooh fabric that is going to be made into a quilt and Jackie found Beatrix Potter fabric not to long ago that will also be made into a quilt. Well today we found more Beatrix Potter fabric (as well as Dr. Seuss fabric but that will come later) that can be made into a story book. The funniest part is that we are not planning to have kids for another five years.

We finally made our way to the downtown area. We saw Buffalo Bill’s hotel and stopped in a nice gift shop called Love’s. After that we walked down to Dairy Queen and Sean and I split the Triple Chocoholic blizzard.


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