I left my heart in Yellowstone

For the past couple of weeks we have been in Yellowstone. We spent a week in Mammoth Springs (which is north of the park). We had a lot of fun going into Mammoth to shop and look around. Jackie got me some awesome hiking socks! We did see some wild life. There are elk every where in Mammoth. They actually came through our campground. The ground squirrels were super cute which we called Richards (a shorten form of their full name: Richardson Ground Squirrels) and there was also a coyote that came into the town. The springs at Mammoth were gorgeous. Not many of them were running but they ones that were active were amazing. The colors ranged from white and tan (the hottest springs) to green and blue (the coolest springs). Interesting fact: the color is from thermophiles which is are organisms that lives in the spring. I have to admit that the sulfur smell does get to you after a while. Sean, Jackie and I did a hike near Mammoth called Beaver Ponds. Sadly we did not see any beavers or wildlife but the trail was a great place to see wild flowers.
Elk in the campground
Mammoth Springs
We did a few hikes here and there. It was a tie between Mt Washburn and Osprey Falls. The hike up was fun. We actually hiked on a sub Alpine tundra and also got to see some of the snow pack up close (yes in the middle of July, I don’t think I would like to be there in the Winter). On top of Mt Washburn there is a fire tower (that is staffed during fire season) and an awesome inspiring 360 view of Yellowstone. We also met the cutest little friends called Pikas. They have the most adorable chirp. Osprey Falls was a long hike (7 miles) but worth it because we got to experience the largest/fastest flowing waterfall I have ever seen. Sean and I were hiking ahead of Jackie and Larry and they saw a grizzly bear cub. I have to admit, I am glad I missed that one.
Mt Washburn View
Osprey Fralls
Funny story: When we were headed to Mammoth the sliding door in the RV broke so Sean, Jackie and Larry put the door back together while I made cookies. I also made orange bow knots!

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