Sunday thur Tuesday

Well I have to say this has been a crazy week but I should probably start at the beginning.

We got an early start on Sunday because it was moving day. It was time to secure a new spot. We really enjoyed Mammoth but it is pretty far from the rest of the park. So we drove to Norris campground to see if we could find a site open and when I say find a site I mean see if the only site that the 30ft rig could fit into is open. We get there around 8:00 and the stie is still occupied and no one is stirring. So was sat there waiting for the people to come out. Finally around 9:30 someone comes out of the camper. Luckily they came out with a puppy so Jackie took Tiaga to meet and greet and talk buisness. The people agreed to let us leave our chairs in the camp site and put our resvered sticker up. We went back to Mammoth, packed up and moved the rig to Norris.

From the campground we hiked to the Norris Gyser Basin. We didn’t see any gysers erupt but it was still really neat to walk around and see the water bubbling up. The next day we went to Artist Paintpots which was a lot of fun. The Paintpots are a group of mudpots that have a variety of colors which is why the name is fitting. The colors were amazing. I wish I could have taken some of the mud from the mudpots home. The heat, water and mud made the perfect clay combination. It looked they liked slip but either way I think it would have been great clay to work with.

On Tuesday we went hiked Fairy Falls. The falls were cute, I assume why they call it Fairy Falls, they weren’t massive like Ospery, it was a small fall the trickled down the side of a tall rock face. We went futher down the trail and saw Imperial Geyser. The water in the geyser was a bright blue color with spots of green and blue green. It really was a grougous color. While we were at Imperial Geyser the clouds over head were turning dark gray so we decided to head back. We made it about a mile down the trail when the skies opened and it started pouring, first just rain then hail was added to the mix (luckily nothing as large as what we saw in SD but still it isn’t very pleasent to have pea size pieces of hail hitting you). The hail and rained stopped by the time we got back to Fairy Falls. We took a small break to recover from the storm. Literally 5 mins later you could not tell that storm had hit considering it was sunny as it could be. We got back on the trail about an hour later Jackie’s phone rings. Yes we are in the middle of Yellowstone and her phone rings (kudos to Verizon). Well the call was for me, it was a pricipal in East Tennessee wondering if I would be able to come out for an interview. The position is for a one year interium art teacher and it is definalty better than nothing so I agreed to come and interview the following Monday. After that my week went crazy. I now had to prepare for an interview, figure out how to get to my interview and also enjoy sometime in Yellowstone in case I do not come back. School starts there on Aug 11 so if I get the job I will have to stay in town. After we finished the hike we went to Old Faithful since that is one of the few places that we get receiption in the park. I called a few people and the plans were to fly out Saturday. Fly into Atlanta and be picked up by my dad. Take a day to get ready for the interview and then my dad would take me up to East TN.

Now we are in West Yellowstone trying to find a flight. After this we are going to take a break and see the last Harry Potter movie.


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