My Whirlwind Tour: Day 1

At this point I was not expecting to get an interview this late into the summer. The plan is that I fly out by myself for the interview and then either I will come back to Yellowstone or Sean will come out and meet me.

Before I leave I have a lot to do…just in case I don’t get to come back.


We spent the day exploring the Canyon area. Sadly all the trails were closed in this area because about a week before we came to Yellowstone a hiker was attacked in this area by a Grizzly bear. First we started out at the top of the lower falls. Then we took the trail to the upper falls. It was pretty crowed but still a nice view. We decided to hike around to the other side of the upper falls. It was a nice easy mile and half hike. When we got to the other side of the upper falls there was a rainbow the stretched over the entire fall. On the hike a yellow bellied marmot crossed our path. I never realized how large they were until I saw one up close. We met Larry on the other side and then decided to hike down Uncle Tom’s Trail which went to the bottom of the lower falls. It was one of the first trails build that lead down to the falls. The entire trail is made of stairs which was nice going down but hiking up 300 steep steps was pretty intense. After our hike we went over to Artist Point which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to visit Yellowstone. *Art History Moment* When I took American Art History with Dr. Choat we studied about the Hudson River School which their focus was on American Landscape painting which I later wrote a paper on. Anyways in the same style Thomas Moran was sent to Yellowstone to capture images of Yellowstone. Artist Point is the view he painted. They had a picture of his painting there and it was breath taking to be able to look at the painting and then look at the view in front of me seeing only slight differences. It was inspiring! Canyon has a really nice village but we decided to bypass the village since we had already looked through the shops. We allowed just enough time for Jackie to buy me a Yellowstone t-shirt. (I refused to buy any souvenirs until we got to Yellowstone)

The other thing that I love is seeing animals in their natural habitat. My number one animal is the river otter. I fell in love with the Asian River otters at the Memphis Zoo and seeing one in the wild would be amazing. I carefully selected a trail the said it was near a river that had river otters. There had even been some sighting. We got on the trail and hiked about a mile and the entire time we were no where near a river. Jackie decided to turn back and being optimistic, I knew that the river was just a little bit away but finally Sean convinced that it was time to turn around. We took the little bit of light we had left and drove down the road near the river. Finally on our way back Larry spotted a river otter in the river next to us while we were driving down the road. I still have no idea how he saw but sure enough we got out and saw one. We also caught a glimpse of a baby river otter! Oh my, he was so cute! It was dark so we headed back to the campsite but on the way back we saw two elk swimming up stream in the river. It was pretty funny seeing these two elk up to their neck in water swimming, Who would of thought!


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