My Whirlwind Tour: Day 2


The theme today was geysers. We had another early start and went to the Old Faithful Area.  It was nice to get their early before it got too crowded. It was fun seeing it erupt. While we were waiting for the geyser to erupt we saw the most adorable chipmunks running around. They were collecting little bits of food and stuffing it into their mouth. It was so cute, one of them looked like he had a grape in each side of his cheek! After we saw Old Faithful erupt we walked the trail to see some of the other geysers. We did get to see Daisy geyser erupt which was neat because it erupts at a 75 degree angle. We spent the rest of the morning hiking around the area. We saw Morning Glory Pool which was neat but less spectacular than I expected. My favorite pool was Liberty Pool. The water was a deep bright blue color and was bubbling and boiling when we got there.

After the trail we looked around the lodge area. We went into the little shops but pretty much everything in the shops were things that we had already seen. I really wanted to go to the Old Faithful Inn. At the Memphis Zoo they have a new area that is called Teton Trek and the main building there is suppose to be based on the inn. The style is similar but of course the inn is a lot larger and also more rustic looking. It was a lot of fun getting to actually see it.

On our way back we stopped at Grand Prismatic Springs. Now this was what I expected the Morning Glory Pool to look like. Morning Glory was only a few yards wide but Grand Prismatic is 300 ft in diameter and the third largest hot spring. The deep blue water from the little bacteria living there made it an awesome sight.

That evening we relaxed. I made a Pecan-Filled Braid. The bread turned out really good. We rolled out our dough and cut it into three rectangles. Then we filled each rectangle with a the pecan apple jelly filling. We closed the dough around the filling and then braided the three pieces of dough together. I also made Welsh Cookies for the first time. I had spent some time gathering different recipes and picked one. I picked well because they turned out great. I will make sure I post this recipe later.


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