Well I am in Salt Lake City.

This morning we got up and headed to Jackson Hole, WY where I was catching my flight. We left a little early so we would have time to eat in Jackson. on the way there I got a call saying that my flight was delayed about an hour which was a problem it just made my layover in Salt Lake a little shorter.

I have offical seen every entrance of Yellowstone which is quite an accomplishment considering that on average the entrances are about 100 miles apart. We did not stop in the Tetons but the exciting part about flying out of Jackson was that we would drive through them. I spent most of the time snapping pictures while we were driving hoping one would turn out. We drove past a crowd of people on the side of the road. We wanted to make sure we were not late so we didn’t stop to see what the commotion was (later I found out it was a moose).

We did stop at the Teton visitors center outside of Jackson. Then we went into town to find something to eat. We decided on Pizza Hut (I don’t think I have been to one since I lived in Xenia). It was really good though. I don’t remember it every being a sit down restruant but we got tons of food for only about $7 a piece.

Well I was time to say goodbye. We went to the airport which was really cute. It probably the same size as a greyhound bus station in a large city. I said my goodbyes to Sean and Jackie and Larry. Sean reminded me that I was not allowed to bring my bearspray on the airplane.

I really wasn’t ready to leave Yellowstone yet but I also can’t pass up this chance for an interview and of course who knows I might get to come back and if not I have a job so it is a win-win situation. Stay positive and don’t stress out that is key. Well we should be boarding soon and I have a long couple of day ahead of me.


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