My Whirlwind Tour: Day 3


We took the morning off and relaxed. That evening we took a drive to view wildlife. We went to Cooke City which is in the northeast corner of the park. I really wanted to see a moose and a lot of people said you can see them in that area. We drove to Cooke City, it was a small cute little down with only a handful of shops. They did have an interesting drug store their. Sadly we did not see any moose.

We timed the drive just right so we would be driving back around the time the sun was going down so hopefully we would have a better chance of seeing some animals. The heard of bison were still in their same spot (that is in the middle of the road blocking traffic). On our first stop we saw a wolf. We got a few glimpses of him because he was hiding in the sage brush.

It was also my last chance to see otters. The other place that otters have been spotted was in Trout Lake. So we took the steep mile hike back to the lake. On the way up someone told us that they had just seen otters in the lake so maybe we would be in luck. We got there and went around the lake and sure enough there were three otters sitting on a log sleeping. The log was pretty close to the edge of the bank and the trail was just a little further up so we had a really good view of them. We probably spent an hour watching them and taking pictures. We even saw them swim around a little bit. I have to say I didn’t realize how big they were. The Asian small clawed otters at the Memphis Zoo are pretty small. They are probably half the size of the North American River otter. Still the otters there were super adorable sleeping together on the log! I saw otters yay!

After our river otter sighting we decided it was time to head to the Teddy Rosevelt Lodge for “After Dinner Libations.” We were not expecting to see anymore animals but on the way there we saw a grizzly bear out in a field, which is fine by me. I definately don’t want to meet one on the trail. It was a good size too.

We got the lodge and I thought my animal viewing was over until I got out of the truck and in the car next to us, in the back seat was an Airedale sleeping. He was too cute. I had to bring Jackie back out to see him.

The lodge was a lot of fun. Teddy Rosevelt actually stayed at the lodge when he would vist Yellowstone. I think he liked being in the quieter part of the park. The area was very quaint. We intended to just get dessert but they started us off with cornbread, biscuits and honey. Then Sean and I shared the Yellowstone Caldera which was a decadant  molten lava cake. Jackie and Larry enjoyed the Yellowstone Sundae which was crumb cake topped with Huckleberry ice cream and a mixed berry topping. The joy did not come until libations were severed. We got the Hot Apple Pie which was by far the best thing that I have ever tasted. It was a mixture of hot spiced apple cider and Tuaca liqueur topped with whipped cream! This drink is a must try! This is their list of specialty drinks for furture reference…


Bushmills Irish whiskey and Green Mountain organic coffee

topped with whipped cream

The White Out 


Finish the evening with this combination of Whaler’s vanilla rum,
St. Brendan’s Irish Cream, Frangelico and cream



A delicious blend of brandy, Kahlúa and Green Mountain organic

coffee crowned with whipped cream



Simply one of the best non-vintage ports around



Just the right combination of brandy, Crème de Cacao and cream
for after dinner enjoyment

Hot Apple Pie 

5.50 Hot spiced apple cider with Tuaca liqueur topped with whipped creamAfter libations we headed back to the campsite which would take us about an hour. On the way there we got to see one more animal. There was a black bear on the side of the road. We stopped to check him out but there was no where to pull off so we just stopped in the middle of the road. The guy behind us was not happy with he. After honking his horn a few times he got out of the car and yelled at us for stopping. It was a little intense.

We finally made it back to the RV and now the fun was about to start.


A toast to the luck of the Irish with this combination of Old

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