So much do to!

So the craziness has been going on for about a week. My first day at work was this past Monday. My dad drove me up and stayed until Monday afternoon. Then Sean come in late Monday night. I was happy to see him again but his trip was pretty eventful as well. They best flight he could find was out of Salt Lake City so they left Yellowstone at 2 in the morning to get there. From Salt Lake he flew to Little Rock and then went to Searcy to pick up our car and as much stuff as he could fit in the car and then drove the car to East TN.

I didn’t have anything I needed to do for work on Tuesday so we spent the entire day house/apt hunting. As well as Wednesday afternoon. We finally found a small (I say small but it is larger than the apt in Memphis) but reasonable apt that allows pets up to 50lbs. I was so nice because we decided we wanted the apt on Wednesday and we picked up the keys the next day. Thursday was my first day at school and it was so nice coming home that evening to our own apt. Between not having our own place since late April and then the stress of the apt hunting we were happy that was over with.

We still have to go to Seacy to get the rest of our stuff. We just have the computer, clothes, towels and an air mattress right now.

First day of school is Aug 11. Wish me luck!


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