Weekend Trips to Ohio

Sean and I have been discussing for a while now about getting a dog. Sean’s dream dog is an Irish Wolfhound but the apt has a 50lb limit so we will have to wait on him. We have talked about getting a Saluki but they are expensive and hard to find. My top dog of choice right now is an Airedale. This entire summer I have been browsing the internet looking for Airedales. We would like a puppy but we also don’t want to pay lot of money for one.

In one of my internet searches I some how ran across an ad in Ohio for two standard Airedales puppies for sale that were about 14 weeks old. They were asking $250 for each of them. They had a male and a female. We had searched and searched in this area and had not seen any airedales for sale. Later I found a second ad that had 8 week old airedale puppies for $350. Sean said we could possibly go and see them which meant if we were driving to Ohio to look at a dog we were going to get one that weekend. I didn’t know we were for sure going until he picked me up from school on Friday with the car packed and ready to go. YAY! I’m getting a puppy!

We drove that evening and stayed at a hotel outside of Columbus. The next morning we got up and drove to Zanesville. This is were the 8 week old puppies were. There were four of them that were available. It was a lot of fun meeting the puppies and inteacting with them. We meet mom and dad but were a little surprised when we saw them. The mom was about 70lbs and the dad was closer to 90. Any dog from this litter was going to be big. We decided that if we were going to get one from this litter it would have to be a female so it would be smaller and one of the females seemed to attach to us. Before we made the final decision we met the other airedales. The other guy was located in Lancaster which was about an hour from the first people we met. We meet these airedales and I think Sean and I both were in love. We didn’t get to greet the mom. She was inside the house and a little squirly. The puppies had really started to stress her out. We did get to meet the dad though and he was grogeous. He was the pefect airedale at 55lbs. The guys said he would sell him but only for $1,000. We looked both of the puppies over. The female was very hyper but the male was calmer. I was pushing for a female but once I saw the male I was attached. So we went with the 14 week old male.

His name is Watson. The poor guy. He hadn’t been on a lot of car rides or had a leash on before but he learned fairly quickly. It took him about an hour to get comfortable in the car. He stood up that entire hour. I had him in the floor board in front of my seat. Finally he sat down and then a little later he put his head down in my lap and then eventually he climbed into my lab for a minute. He is so adorable. We stopped in Columbus to find a pet store. We went to Petsmart and he didn’t like going though the doors and he wouldn’t wander around the store. So I stayed with Watson at the front of the store while Sean grabed some esstentials. At that point we moved Waston to the back seat. Once he was comfortable we didn’t hear from him again because he slept the entire 7 hours home.

We finally got him home. He didn’t do stairs at first but he learned fairly quickly. He is learning how to walk on a leash in just one day. He still doesn’t like going through doorways. I love him already, he is like a life size teddy bear.

This is the email Sean sent out introducing Watson:

Introducting John Hamish Watson, M.D., a dignified 25 pound Airedale Terrier. At 15 weeks and 4 days old, he is already quite certain that he is better than you are but he condescends to give you his affections anyway.
Likes: belly rubs, back rubs, leg rubs, ear rubs, and neck rubs; trotting, sauntering, posing, and college girls; barking at bigger dogs, sniffing at smaller dogs, meeting new people, and being told he’s handsome; having the back seat to himself.
Dislikes: going up stairs, going through doors, and whenever the car turns; being on too short a leash and being stuck in traffic when his bladder is full; not having any toys yet, being so far from his sister, and his own reflection; going down stairs.


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