Some of my favorite things

1. Chai Tea and English Breakfast

2. Autumn and the colors

3. Music that brings back good memories

4. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough

5. February Air

6.  Baking

7.  Being a teacher

8.  Wonderful friends

9.  Seeing the stars at night in New Mexico

10. My sister

11. Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

12. St Patrick’s Day

13. The Smoky Mts or any mountains for that matter

14. Listing to “learning to breathe” by Switchfoot during the summer at the break

15. This might be random but being able to use a coupon to buy art supplies at hobby lobby

16. Arches Watercolor paper

17. The perfect cupcake from Muddy’s Bake Shop in Memphis

18. Listening to Mutemath while driving

19. My puppy Watson all the funny noises he makes and how adorable he is even after he hasn’t eaten one of my books

20. My Husband for how wonderful he is to me all the time and considerate and loving

21. Young adult novels

22. Funny tan lines including wedding ring tan lines, flip flop tan lines and soccer tans

23. Artist pens

24. Colors and the infinate possiblities

25. Jelly Bellies

26. New Recipes that work

27. Waffles

28. Cherrios

29. Things that are purple

30. Holidays near my birthday

31. Hiking during the winter

32. Waterfalls (Ospery and Ramsey being at the top of my list)

33. Book series

34. Handmade dinnerware (pottery)

35. BBQ in Townsend

36. Blue Bell Ice Cream

37. Cranberry juice and club soda

38. Making bread without a bread machine

39. Libraries
More to come. I wonder how long I could make this list.


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